New Zealand launch of two TROPICS radiometers

Another two TROPICS radiometers were launched on the  26th May - details are here  - and the Youtube video here

and are - to quote - the PI, Bill Blackwell ....."all four are working great!"

 At  2 am  BST, Monday 8th May 2023,  the New Zealand launch of two TROPICS radiometers puts TK
designed, made and tested antennas into orbit to observe hurricanes.

Rocket Labs' Electron engine powers the initial part of the launch:   Credit:Rocket Labs

Click here to watch the launch on YouTube - and a splendid Drone video here

....the 100mm cube tri-band antennas use a polarizing grid to combine co-aligned beams covering
atmospheric rotation lines of water and oxygen: The MIT/ Lincoln Labs designed radiometers will provide
the timely imaging of hurricanes, from their 30 degree inclined equatorial orbit.

Artist image of TROPICS  monitoring a cyclone: Credit NASA

More details of TK's antenna are here , coving these mm-wave bands:


Freq Band                               Beamwidth [deg]
88.15-94.15 GHz                     ≤3.0 at 92 GHz
114.5 to 118.75 GHz               ≤2.4 at 118 GHz
183.3 to 205 GHz                    ≤1.5 at 183 GHz

Water and Oxgen Atmospheric water lines, showing what TROPICs will be observing: Credit Bill Blackwell

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