Technical specifications
Ports (optics/electrical feedthroughs) Two on the side of the cryostat 
Port clear aperture 20 mm (150 K gas cooled radiation shield limit)
Electrical connector (standard) 10 pin low-voltage electrical connector
Optic axis height 20 mm
(Helium temperature) cold plate diameter 100 mm
Liquid helium capacity 1.0 litres
Liquid helium hold-time, first fill 5 to 10 hours * 
Hold time, subsequent fill 8 to 16 hours *
Lifting handle diameter 190 mm
Cryostat height 392 mm
Mass (empty) 7.3 kg
* Hold time depends on optical aperture size and optics design. 
Over-pressure relief valves are located on both the cryostat top plate and central neck baffle.  

This small single Dewar cryostat is designed with convenience and reduced cost in mind. The cryostat is intended for daily use. Readying the cryostat for operation i.e. evacuating and cooling to liquid helium temperature, should take about ninety minutes after which it will provide several hours operation at this temperature, subject to operating conditions.

The cryostat can be kept cold overnight by refilling the Dewar with liquid helium in the evening and refilling again first thing in the morning, though this might require a late finish and prompt start. 

TK1810 cryostat

TK1810 coldplate




TK1810 schematic